Also called impotence or ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, erectile dysfunction is understood to be the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection ideal for intercourse. Causes of erection dysfunction include diseases affecting blood circulation, such as atherosclerosis (hardening the arteries); neural disorders; psychological elements, such as tension, depression, and performance anxiousness (nervousness over his capability to sexually perform); and problems with the penis. Persistent illness, certain medicines, and a situation called Peyronie’s disease (scarring in the penis) may also cause erectile disorder.

What Is Inhibited Sexual interest?

Inhibited desire, or lack of libido, refers to some decrease in desire to have sex, or interest in intercourse. Reduced libido can derive from physical or mental factors. It may be associated with low amounts of the androgenic hormone or testosterone. It also might be caused by mental problems, such as anxiety and depressive disorders; medical illnesses, for example diabetes and high blood pressure; particular medications, including a few antidepressants; and romantic relationship difficulties.

How Can be Male Sexual Difficulties Diagnosed?

To identify a man’s lovemaking problem, the doctor will likely start with a comprehensive history of signs and symptoms. You or your woman may order additional tests to eliminate any medical problems which may be contributing to the actual dysfunction. The doctor may refer you to other doctors, including a urologist (a physician specializing in the actual urinary tract as well as male reproductive program), an endocrinologist (a physician specializing in hormonal problems), a neurologist (a physician specializing in disorders from the nervous system), intercourse therapists, and additional specilists.

What Tests Are employed to Evaluate Sex Problems?

Several tests enable you to evaluate and bring about the results concerning male sexual issues. They include:
Blood tests — These kinds of tests are done to gauge hormone levels.
Vascular assessment — This calls for an evaluation with the blood flow for the penis. A blockage in the blood vessel supplying blood for the penis may be causing erectile dysfunction.
Sensory testing — Specifically useful in evaluating the consequences of diabetic neuropathy (lack of feeling damage), sensory testing measures the potency of nerve impulses in the particular section of the body.
Nocturnal penile tumescence and also rigidity testing — This test is employed to monitor erections which occur naturally while sleeping. This test will help determine if any man’s erectile problems are a result of physical or emotional causes.

How Can be Male Sexual Inability Treated?

Many cases involving male sexual dysfunction might be corrected by the treatment of the underlying actual physical or psychological troubles. Treatment strategies might include the following:
Medical treatment — This implies treatment of just about any physical problem which might be contributing to a new man’s sexual inability.
Medications — Prescription drugs, such as Cialis, Viagra as well as Levitra, may improve sexual function throughout men by increasing the circulation of blood to the penile organ. Promescent is a drug employed to treat premature climaxing. The topical spray is applied on the penis and contains lidocaine that reducs sensitivity and cope with premature ejaculation problem.
Hormones — Adult men with low degrees of testosterone may make use of hormone supplementation (androgen hormone or testosterone replacement therapy).
Psychological therapy — Therapy which has a trained counselor may help a person handle with feelings of stress and anxiety, fear, or guilt that may have an effect on sexual purpose.
Mechanical aids — Aids including vacuum devices along with penile implants could help men with impotence.
Education and transmission — Education with regards to sex and erectile behaviors and responses could help a man defeat his anxieties about performance. Open dialogue using your partner about the needs you have and concerns also allows you overcome many barriers to your healthy sex lifestyle.