The group of the scientists from the University of Nebraska came to the conclusion that regular lack of sleeping provokes people consume food in much larger amounts. According to the experts’ opinion, constant overeating can cause dangerous problems such as obesity, diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular disease. The findings obtained by the researchers from the University of Nebraska are confirmed by the ones obtained by the experts of Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School in the U.S.

According to them, people who underslept for an hour, consume 500 extra kilocalories a day.

Sleep-eat17 healthy volunteer participants took part in the experiment. They spent several days in a laboratory under supervision of scientists.

The first three nights all the volunteers were allowed to sleep as much as they want. After that the participants were divided into two groups. The first group continued sleeping for the period they wanted. The second had underslept for about an hour and twenty minutes.

It turned out that those participants, who have been forced to undersleep, began to eat much more. In the “undersleeping” group intake of calories has increased by an average of 549 kcal.

The researchers have found that the main reason of the excessive consumption of food is human hormonal system: chronic fatigue and lack of sleep have a tremendous impact on hormones, and this has everything to do with an appetite. So, after having a night without sleep, a person’s level of ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”, which is responsible for appetite stimulation) increases greatly. At the same time the amount of “satiety hormones” leptin reduces within the body: this hormone is responsible for giving a signal that satiety came and it is time to finish the meal to the human brain.

The more a person is tired, the brighter his emotional stress is expressed which in most cases is accompanied by impulsivity. In this state, people cannot stand their own wishes, rushed to “comfort eat” – and delicious, but junk food, of course, turns out to be at the hand. Another reason of overeating in this situation is the body itself, it appears to be too tired due to the lack of rest, so it tends to compensate the lack of energy by eating too much food.

Doctors strongly recommend to avoid undersleeping: people can protect themselves from many serious health problems and greatly improve their own emotional background just by allocating sufficient time for sleeping.