During a certain period of season, month, day, our body is going through ups and downs, affecting health, mood, working ability, and this is repeated with a certain frequency year after year, month after month. In our youth, when the genetic reserve of our health is large, we pay little attention to such periodic conditions, but age causes arising of chronic diseases that appear in particular months, at a certain season.

SleepOne of the first signs of biological cycles’ disorder in humans is weather sensitivity. Today more and more people become affected by weather-related disorders. For example, weather sensitive people feel surges in atmospheric pressure and react by raising or lowering of the blood pressure. The mismatch of biorhythms is not only a bad state of health in the days of magnetic storms, but distinct risk factors for certain diseases.

In order to diminish such influence it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A full eight-hour night sleep, walk in the fresh air, preferably in countryside. If you feel excitement and aggression (excited sympathetic nervous system) during unfavourable days, you can use aromatherapy – just spray essential oils of lavender and rosemary in the room. If you are feeling tendency to depression, apathy, then odours of lemon or eucalyptus should help.

Speaking about diet, you should avoid salt, drugs that can irritate the stomach mucous layer at digestive hormone deficiency; eat less hot spices and energy drinks. Mediterranean diet, which includes all kinds of seafood, olive oil, red wine (100-150 ml), vegetables and fruits, is recommended.

There is such a thing as an inverse type of weather. It means that the warm air layers superimpose over the cold air ones, making them not able to rise up, and so there is no mixing of air. When this type of weather occurs, then cold air is saturated with exhaust fumes of cars, heaters and power plants, one can hardly feel good. People suffer from headache, body weakness, impaired attention and ability to concentrate, and often shortness of breath.

In such a situation an instrument called ion generator can help. It is able to set the required number of ions per cubic meter of indoor air. Coupled with the air conditioning, which allows controlling the temperature and humidity, it allows people in the room to breathe deeply and freely, gives a certain burst of energy – these features are good for your health, they improve emotional background, and reduce fatigue.