Women suffer much more than men from deterioration of psychological health because of the daily sitting.

Sitting while traveling to the work, spending time sitting there, sitting while travelling back home… The longer we sit – the more stress we feel, say scientists.

The fact that a sedentary lifestyle is a reason of quite a huge number of problems for physical health is not something original and fascinating. Few people realize that everyday office life appears to be almost more damaging than the work of longshoremen. Sedentary work can lead to surprises such as obesity, osteoarthritis, problems of the cardiovascular system, troubles with the joints and many other diseases. It is now known that the psychological state is also affected by a sedentary lifestyle.

officeResearchers from the group headed by Michelle Kilpatrick from the University of Tasmania conducted an experiment in which they calculated relationship between sitting time and state of depression. For this there were attracted 3,367 participants who assessed their psychological state (symptoms of anxiety, depression) for the past 4 weeks. They also assessed their physical activity.

After processing of the data gathered, the results have shown that there was a relationship between a sedentary lifestyle and emotional state. Those respondents, who spent more than 6 hours a day sitting, felt more anxiety and stress than those who were sitting no more than 3 hours at work. The difference was also noticed between the results in women and men – women appeared to suffer much more from deterioration in the psychological health caused by their daily sitting.

It is noteworthy that the persons, who took part in the study, and who spent more than six hours during the day sitting and then visited a gym or a swimming pool, have shown the same results as the other participants in the experiment.

This means that the human psychological health is affected by long periods spent in stillness, and not by lack of physical activity.

Sedentary lifestyle is a problem of a lot of people, so its solution should be approached seriously and with due care. A man working in an office should use any occasion that allows carrying out physical activity. Even in the office, you can carry out some actions. For example, use the stairs instead of elevator, walk during your lunch break, and try to go out into the fresh air as frequent as it is possible.