Having a flaccid erection can adversely affect the sexual relationship between you and your partner. Erectile dysfunction is mainly contributed to by our lifestyle choices and issues. Satisfying your partner in bed is a sure way of keeping them around. If you are having trouble getting a rock hard erection, it could be a result of stress, depression, weight gain, cardiac problems or diabetes. There are easy and proven ways of getting that rock hard erection back.

Try to bring down stress or cope with depression

Hard-ErectionsStress affects the libido and the sexual potency of a man. Low libido leads to having a flaccid erection which in turn affects the sexual life of the man. In our day-to-day lives, we experience stressful situations, and we should learn how to cope with them. You can avoid worrying about a situation by taking your mind off it. Taking up sport will help shift your mind from the particular problem that you are going through. For those not looking forward to rigorous games, yoga or meditation could be a remedy. A doctor could also recommend various antidepressant drugs that might boost your sexual life.

Get rid of belly and body fat

Having belly fat is a clear sign of low testosterone. Testosterone does not only make the erection rigid but boosts libido. Engaging in rigorous physical activities will help get rid of the excess fat. An increase in testosterone will increase the rigidity of the erection. Exercise is one sure way of retaining and gaining your sexual prowess back. Obesity reduces sexual performance because you quickly tire. Getting rid of the body fat does not necessarily mean that you must have a lean body, just reduce your body mass index (BMI).

Watch what you eat

Saturated fats are your enemy if you want to lead a healthy sexual life. Dieting can be seen as one of the best and simplest ways of regaining your sexual virility back. The body stores sugar as fat, and it could end up clogging your arteries leading to low blood pressure. Low blood pressure and clogged arteries will translate to a flaccid erection. Cutting down on food that is high in sugar will help reduce fat in the body. Try out natural sex boosters like peanuts, pumpkin seeds, olive oil and oysters – they will boost your libido. You can also cut down on alcohol and cigarettes if you want to regain your rock hard erections.