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A ‘brain traing’ iPad game developed and tried by scientists at the University of Cambridge may enhance the memory of patients with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is an emotional wellness situation that causes a scope of mental side effects, going from changes in conduct through to fantasies and delusions. The side effects are sensibly all around treated […]

Women suffer much more than men from deterioration of psychological health because of the daily sitting. Sitting while traveling to the work, spending time sitting there, sitting while travelling back home… The longer we sit – the more stress we feel, say scientists. The fact that a sedentary lifestyle is a reason of quite a […]

Although there is no sufficient data to prove that the use of opioids during pregnancy is harmless, recent research shows that approximately one in seven pregnant women receives this kind of drugs as a painkiller. The consequences of opioid use during pregnancy haven’t been studied enough, but the drugs are dispensed to about 14 per […]

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